Debunking Big Data: how I came to love the ‘delete’ button

Head of Digital Knowledge & Information Management & Departmental Records Officer
Cabinet Office

Chief Strategy Officer
Automated Intelligence

15 Sep 2017
12:15 - 12:35

Debunking Big Data: how I came to love the ‘delete’ button

This session explores how the Cabinet Office has successfully been able to locate, retrieve and appraise its records, providing the opportunity to address its digital heap by automatically recommending content that should be kept or deleted. With the help of deploying Automated Intelligence’s cloud-based data analytics and migration AI.DATALIFT platform, the Cabinet Office has been able to deliver accurate and reliable disposal decisions, aiding digital archivists to greatly reduce the volume of ROT.

Hear from David Canning as he discusses the challenges government departments face in relation to its data and how not all big data provides positive outcomes. Automated Intelligence’s CSO, Paul Hudson will also cover the disruptive nature of ChatGPT and how the data behind the large language model is key to discovering informed insights.