Gaining Traction for your Data Strategy

Head of Data and Analytics
Companies House


15 Sep 2017
10:25 - 10:45

Gaining Traction for your Data Strategy

Many government departments and agencies have now published ambitious, modernising data strategies. However, in the word of Sun Tzu, “Strategy without tactics is the slowest way to victory”. What are the tactics that can make a data strategy come to life across an organisation and gain traction, ensuring that the full benefits of democratising data are realised? In this fireside chat James Herbert, Pivotl, asks this question of Tetyana Mykhaylyk, Head of Data and Analytics at Companies House.

Tetyana will share the practical steps she has taken at Companies House to ensure data starts to embed itself into the day-to-day life of an organisation. These include Data Development Framework, Data Business Partners, Data Champions and Data Centres of Practice.